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The Little Thatch Badwell Ash

Personalised Thatching Services For Oxfordshire And Its Surrounding Areas

Complete Thatching Solutions

For properties of all shapes and sizes

I offer a complete range of services that includes a free no obligation quotation. Operating in and around Oxfordshire, SL Haynes Master Thatcher has customer satisfaction and outstanding results as top priorities for each, and every project completed.

Full Re-Thatching

With locally sourced materials.

Full re-thatching can be carried out for older properties that need a complete roofing rehaul, or homeowners that would like to create a unique thatched roofing look for their property.


Included in this service is the stripping down of the roof and removal of any old thatch layers. Once stripped the new layers can be wired and woven in. The materials used within the thatch is dependent on your roof size and type, and the desired aesthetic of your roof.


For any re-thatch projects please get in touch with me and we can discuss the best materials for your specific project, along with your preferences and budget.

thatched roofing
Full re-thatching
Roof ridge for thatched roof


Carried out to a high standard.

Re-ridging is essential for maintaining the integrity of your thatched roof and increasing its lifespan. Over the years ridges can become worn and damaged due to weather, vermin, and general wear and tear. Damaged ridges can lead to leaks and other structural issues.


Any re-ridging work is always carried out after a consultation to determine any potential damage to the roofing and can be carried out in combination with our thatch roof repairs. To find out more about re-ridging solutions then please get in contact.


Thatch Repair Work

For roofs of all shapes and sizes.

Thatch repair work is essential in extending the lifespan of your roof. Whether it is minor repairs to damaged spots, or major structural repairs due to extreme weather or vermin infestations, I have the tools and experience to get your roof back to its best.

All work is carried out with your satisfaction as a top priority.


Throughout the duration of any repair work I will ensure that there is minimal disruption to your daily life, whilst still providing outstanding results. To enquire about any thatch repair work that may need carrying out then please get in touch today.

thatch patch on roof
Thatch repair work

Why Choose Me?

Extensive Knowledge

24 years' experience in all things thatching.

Quality Workmanship

Incredible attention to detail, settling for nothing but the best materials.

Bespoke Service

Each project tailor made to be perfect for your property.

Thatched roof cottage

Looking For A Master Thatcher You Can Trust?

Give me a call today on:

07725 138575

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